Monday, September 26, 2011

Lucky and Feeling Great

Lately, I have been hearing myself say (far too often for my liking) that I am tired. Sure, there are some obvious reasons for it (work, being a mom, maintaining a house with a couple of dogs, getting up early to exercise, trying to balance life), but I’m relatively young, in good health and don’t have too many real stressors in my life. Why then do I find myself both saying and feeling this?

For the most part, I am a happy and energetic person. But I’m also a very goal oriented person…Sometimes I feel like I am just rushing through my day – my “to-do” list – my goal list – the next “thing”, and I am totally missing out on the journey. What result is a feeling of “overwhelm” by the sheer number of things to do, and with that feeling of overwhelm comes fatigue.

So two things essentially need to happen now: A simple attitude adjustment and a little exercise in prioritization.

A goal oriented A-Type personality such as myself always has goals and timelines. The biggest challenge (especially to a woman) with this personality most definitely has to be having a child. Children are simply on their own timeline, and quite frankly don’t give a hoot about what time it may be and if you’re late. (Another day we’ll talk more about just how much a child teaches you about yourself, but suffice to say for now: it’s a lot).

So tonight, (even though I’m “tired” as a write this) – two things are going to happen.

1)      I am changing my vocabulary since words are so powerful. And these two words that need to change are: “busy” and “tired”. Let’s face it – everyone is busy these days (especially moms!) and everyone has some degree of lethargy at any given point during the day. Because I am not the mom of a newborn, running the country or training for the Olympics, “tired” is not going to be acceptable anymore.

Tired – is officially being changed to “lucky”. That’s right – when someone asks me how I am and my inclination is to say tired – the new answer is that I am lucky – lucky to have so many great things on the go – so many great people to keep in touch with and so many exciting things to look forward to. Am I saying that I will never actually BE tired?! Come on, I’m not an idiot.

Busy – is officially being replaced by “great”! Of course I’m busy – I am a lucky girl with lots of exciting things on the go! ;) But I’m also feeling great and grateful.

2)      I am doing a quick priority reality checklist – taking a quick look at where I am currently spending my time and where I want to be spending my time. Being the aforementioned A-type personality who enjoys setting goals, this is a good exercise. It’s an opportunity to ask myself if I am placing importance where I say it should be.

And that means it’s time to say goodbye…I've got some work to do ;)

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