Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rules of Dinner

During the process of contemplating actually starting my own blog, I have really enjoyed reading a handful of other blogs out there. (Who knew there were sooooo many!?) One of these blogs is called "Dinner: A Love Story"

Anyway, there was a guest post by Brooke Reynolds not too long ago, about The Rules of Dinner. Growing up, my family always ate dinner together and I too, think that it's such an important thing for families to do. I'd like to share this post with you today:

The Rules of Dinner (as outlined in the post) are as follows:

1)      Everyone eats together
2)      The table is a safe place
3)      No distractions
4)      Say please and thank you
5)      All four on the floor
6)      Try a bit of everything
7)      Use an inside voice
8)      Play “high and low”
9)      Only compliments to the chef
10)  Everyone helps clean up


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