Thursday, December 22, 2011

About that Turkey...

Yah, funny thing about the turkey I thought was going to be all easy to bake. I assumed that when I bought it, it would have been stuffed (and therefore cleaned out of all innards, and all that disgusting-ness). When I received my delivery yesterday, I found my big bird and a lovely container of bread crumbs, spices and such, along with a recipe about how to prepare it. Oh, ok.

And then I start google-ing ways to stuff a turkey and find out that there’s actually a question of “to stuff or not to stuff” because apparently you can cook a turkey to the right temperature but that doesn’t mean the stuffing is properly cooked. WTF? Is it too late to declare a vegetarian Christmas?

Well since that won’t be happening (and I already have the poor bird) I need a Plan B. Without boring you with the details, Christmas Day is going to be a bit rushed because we won’t actually be able to throw the bird into the oven before noon. My lovely and supportive husband (who, by the way is the one who insisted we have the damn turkey in the first place) suggested that we bake the turkey the day before. That way, for the first time ever doing this, we will have a little more of a controlled environment.

On Christmas Day, we’ll slowly warm the turkey back in the oven and offer a generous supply of gravy along with it. For those of you old hats out there who think that’s absolutely blasphemous, tough luck for you. Consider yourself uninvited. Lol .It’s my party and I’ll pre-bake if I want to.

Hopefully, this will be a huge success, and doing the turkey for the first time will give me confidence for a "live audience" next time it's my turn to host.

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  1. Turkey is better the next day anyway ;-). You'll be fine my friend...enjoy!


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