Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Craziness

It's supposed to be an enjoyable time of year. People are supposed to be more jolly and friendly. Random strangers are supposed to be more kind towards each other.

Instead, it seems that year after year, people get grumpier and more stressed out about the overwhelming to-do's in preparation for the "big day" which (might I add) is over so quickly. They are worried about how "perfect" their dinner should be; they are short with others in malls and parking lots as they scramble (and overpay) for "stuff" to wrap up and put under the tree; they are generally stressed out and anxious.

Now of course this isn't everybody...just my view on what's been slowly happening over the years at Christmas time. I've been trying not to get caught up in all of the craziness myself, and think I've been fairly successful at it so far.

Case in point: This year is the first year I am making a turkey for Christmas dinner over here...and hosting 16-18 people. Yikes! But I've got a beautiful stuffed turkey coming to me from and I've delegated out some dishes to other guests that are coming. I'm determined to enjoy my own Christmas Day with my family and not be stressed over it. The last time I hosted Christmas dinner, I made Shepard's Pies so that I could prepare them before hand. It was an easy one dish wonder and clean up was just as easy. Sometimes, you have to be creative ;)

In the meantime, to help us all de-stress, I am sharing an absolutely HILARIOUS link with you all from a very funny girl at Click Here Take a couple of minutes from your busy day and read it. You'll be glad you did.


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