Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dinner Slump

I’m in a dinner slump friends. You know it: There’s a ton of recipes you’d like to try but by the end of the day, you want something quick and easy. The only thing that comes to mind is pasta or chicken. Then you feel so bored with the prospect of that, that you would rather just eat nothing. Or, eat “breakfast” for dinner yet again.

I have to say that while I love cooking, one of the first things I would “splurge” on if I ever won the lottery would be a personal chef. I can just imagine all the delicious and nutritious meals placed before me every night next to a lovely glass of red wine.

But since that hasn’t happened yet, dinners are my responsibility. I can’t really say what’s got me in this dinner slump, but it sucks. I just don’t want to cook at all in this slump. Not only do I not know what to make; I couldn’t be bothered to make anything. I used to do meal plans, but (as life goes) it seemed like so many different things happened during the week to cause me to get off course. One derivation would always lead to the next…

…Like maybe one night I made too much of something and decided that we would have it for leftovers the next night. Those leftovers meant the chicken (yes, again the chicken) I took out to thaw the night before wasn’t going to be used. Which would have been fine, had it not been for the fact that my husband had to work late the next night and grabbed something at the office. Now…that chicken that has been sitting in the fridge for two days and now begs for me to do something with it; putting off the plan I had for the current night (and of course the one for the night that my husband worked late and I ate cereal). Are you still with me? Good. That makes one of us.

Really, the point I’m trying to get across here, is that planning meals doesn’t work for me. What I think I need – a happy “medium” if you will – is for me to plan out two meals at a time. Then, when plans deviate (as they always do) I am in a better position to be flexible with it.

So with this in mind, I have selected for myself two recipes to try over the next few days: One is a recipe for “Toasted Ravioli” (which has intrigued me), and the other is a good old Chicken Slow Cooker recipe. I’ll fill you in on the results.

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