Friday, December 16, 2011

Festive Traditions

Last weekend was our "Christmas Tree" weekend. We decorated the tree and also did a gingerbread house together. I was surprised that my daughter remembered decorating a house last year as well, because she would have only been two.

I love traditions (and our young family doesn’t really have very many of our own) so we decided that decorating a gingerbread house when we put up the tree will be part of our own yearly family tradition, along with eating freshly baked cinnamon buns! (Next year they will be made with yeast).

Here are a few photos of the day, along with a link to the recipe I used for this quick-bread version of Cinnamon buns.

Just checking things out (while eating said cinnamon bun)

Can't recall what is happening here, but it was funny

Ta-Da! The finished product!


  1. looks Great Stacy! Love little princesses expression, priceless ;-)

  2. Looks beautiful! I had no idea it was Scott that made it so pretty! Ha ha!


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