Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Back on the Wagon...

...the exercise wagon that is.

It’s official. I’ve fallen off. It seems that since my daughter has been back at preschool this Fall, that she’s been sick with some random cold every other week. That translates into sleep-disturbed nights and “sharing” colds and flu within our household, which again somehow translates to sleep-disturbed nights. I am normally never prone to catch colds but it seems that I too have been sick three times since Sept. This sucks.

Anyway, I find that I am most successful sticking to an exercise routine if it’s done first thing in the morning: Before work, before my daughter gets up, before eating. Wake up, change, grab iPod, water and shoes, and head downstairs. However, after a night of disturbed sleep it’s sooooo easy to talk myself into staying in my warm bed for a few extra minutes of sleep. But come on, how much more quality “sleep” can one get in a half hour time frame? Let's be honest.

Exercising in the morning for me, sets the tone of the day; starts everything out on the right path. Come to think of it, the lack of this routine could also be causing my recent state of “blah”.

So it’s time to get back on the ol’ wagon. It has to happen sometime soon. I am after all, planning to do a half marathon next May. I know, that’s a while in the future, but time flies. The sooner I can get my arse in gear the better. Also, it’s a good time to get into a solid routine, as there is no shortage of sweets, treats and food going into this time of year. I’d rather go through Christmas with a good exercise routine and plan in hand instead of putting it off until the New Year; all the while adding a few extra “oh well, I have my New Year’s Resolution” pounds. You know what I’m talking about ladies. It’s the same type of weight that one puts on before starting a Monday morning diet.

So you may be wondering what my “plan of action” is. Well, that makes two of us. ;) I’m going to give this some thought and get back to you in the next few days. Before Monday. LOL.


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