Monday, December 12, 2011

Plan “A”

So the fight is on. But I’d rather not view it as a fight. Instead, I would like to think of it as a journey to health. This is my first plan – Plan “A” let’s call it.

In one of my last posts, when I shared my news about the premature ovarian failure diagnosis , I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what we (my husband and I) were going to do, or rather how we were going to decide to handle it. And what we came up with, is that we really would like to give at least some effort to welcoming another child into our lives, instead of doing nothing and simply accepting that as fact.

I was told during that last appointment with my gynecologist that the most likely way for me to ever get pregnant again would be through a donor egg or donor embryo. While that may be an option down the road, it’s not the first option for me. In fact, it’s not the second either. I decided that I’d try another route altogether….And went to see an acupuncturist.

Yes, that’s right. The dude that sticks needles in your body and leaves you alone in a dark room with earphones on, while you listen to budhist chants. Weird? A little. Out of my comfort zone? Indeed. Effective? Time will tell.

I was told that with the use of herbs; some changes to my diet; and weekly visits, (at least for the first month) that we should be able to get my body back to having my monthly cycles. (Whaaaat?) If it seems unlikely to you, then you’re certainly not alone - I thought the same thing. But I consider myself to be fairly open minded also, so what the hell? This may put us out a couple hundred dollars, and I may have to drink some pretty funky “herb” mixtures, but the alternatives (adoption or invitro) are a LOT more expensive. So this is where we will start. At the very least, I hope he’s able to do something about these annoying hot flashes. Seriously.

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