Friday, January 13, 2012

Pizza Pie!

Hello Friends! It's been a while. But I am here with good news: I finally made my first pizza of the year - on Friday the 13th ;) Hey good things happen on these days. One of my sisters was even born on a Friday the 13th.

Anyway, I wanted my first pizza to be simple. I wanted to try out a crust and keep the toppings simple; so I did a margarita pizza! A couple weeks ago I borrowed a book from the library called "Pizza & Wine: Authentic Italian Recipes and Wine Pairings". This is the book I found my first pizza dough recipe in. It was an extremely simple recipe and it worked really well. It wasn't at all "doughy".

All the recipe contained was a package of active dry yeast; lukewarm water; salt; and flour. Technically, it called for "Italian Natural Spring Water" and "Italian Flour". I used "City of Calgary Water" (a.k.a tap water - it had to be lukewarm people, don't judge!) ;) and "Robin Hood" (a well known Italian right?) for my flour. And it still worked out ok.

Things I Learned:

It would be wise to invest in a dough hook for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. My shoulders are sore from the laborious kneading that had to be done, when apparently, the dough hook can take care of much of this.

Even if it says 6 cups of flour, use your best judgement regarding consistency. I swear I only needed about 4.

That's all folks. Here are the photos to PROVE it was done lol!

This is before the dough went to a warm resting place. To relax. To grow. LOL

This is where we re-kneaded the dough and my sous-chef tried on her new apron.

Ready for toppings...

Sous-chef working on her own little pizza...

..."oh me oh my-oh"...

The end result...pretty good for the first go round, but the poor basil looks fried.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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