Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wanted: New Washer and Dryer

Friends, I am here to tell you about an unfortunate machine breakdown in my house that happened recently. It feels like we’ve needed to repair a few things in our house in the last few months and this last concern (the greatest thus far) has been our washer and dryer: I am quite convinced that it is shrinking my clothes. Specifically, I think it’s shrinking my pants. Weird, I know (especially since everyone else’s clothes seem fine!)

Alright, I know my washer and dryer aren’t at fault here….at least not completely. I do realize that it MAY have something to do with the amount of food I have been putting into my mouth.

It’s a funny thing…..when you haven’t worked out consistently for a while and then start up on a new exercise program; you can kid yourself about the amount of food that you eat. For example; you feel like a million bucks after burning 250 calories while running, but eat about 500 more later that day. rationalizing that you are now “working out” and therefore need those extra calories. Been there? Done that?

Which leads me to today’s topic about habits: Good and Bad. We have so many daily habits…some we are aware of, some not so much. My recent “bad habit” consists of watching reality TV (read: Real Housewives and Bachelor) after my daughter goes to bad, and snacking. Nothing too crazy or unhealthy, but enough for me to notice my malfunctioning washer and dryer ;) Also, watching crappy TV until later than necessary also then leads to another bad habit, which is “snoozing” my alarm clock in the morning. This results in me not having enough time to do the length of workout I want to do, and a lot of needless rushing around.

I believe that one of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people are the habits that they keep. And I am here to remind both myself and you, that creating a new habit is something that may feel very uncomfortable at first, but as time goes on, it simply becomes another thing you get used to, or learn to effortlessly incorporate into your life.

The secret really, is changing these bad habits to good one – replacing them if you will.

The three good habits that I want to start with are:

1) Waking up earlier (on time – immediately after my alarm goes off)
  • When the alarm goes off, shut it off and walk into the bathroom. Just the act of removing yourself from the bed helps. Once you are up, it’s easier to convince yourself to take the next step.
  • Start gradually. Don’t try to get up an hour or half an hour to start. Begin with 10 minutes and work your way up.
2) No snacking after 7pm.
  • If I am hungry, I have allowed myself to make a small protein shake to enjoy in the evening. Again, new habits take time to adjust to, and this is my way of making the transition easier. No one said it had to be cold turkey.
3) Stopping biting my lip! (Horrible, I know)
  • This is a dreadful habit I have had for so many years. It’s my go-to response for many emotions: boredom, anxiety, apprehension, stress. For this one, all I plan to do is to recognize I am doing it and stop. In that moment. If I notice myself doing it again, I will simply repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
So my dear friends, what are some habits you would like to change? Or, what are some good habits that have been serving you well?

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