Thursday, March 22, 2012

When You Don't Have Time (isn't that always?)

Hello everyone!

It seems like Palm Springs was a month away! Sadly, it was only 10 days ago that we left. How does this happen? It's been a busy time, catching up on extra cuddles from my daughter; sifting through the work that was left piled on my desk; and getting the house back to it's regular state - free of anything that had to do with lying in the sun (emptying suitcases and doing laundry). Booooooo!

This wasn't a week that I had time to do a homemade pizza for dinner one night, I did what I do when I want pizza quick, but don't want to order a greasy one and also want a little extra taste that almost always seems to be missing from the frozen storebought ones: I dress it up.

This time I tried a "margherita" pizza from Buitoni. You can see the before photo here:

I then proceeded to "dress it" with extra pizza sauce (loaded with good tomatoes), lots of spinach and a tiny bit of extra shredded parm cheese.

Result: Delicious. In the past,  have generally used whatever I have had in the fridge for leftover veggies to dress up boring pizza's. It's an easy shortcut on the nights that you need a quick fix. I also have to say that I really enjoyed the crust on this new pizza - it was crispy and quite good for frozen.

Try it tonight!!

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