Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hugh Carpenter

Hi everyone!

Thursday night was sooo much fun! Since it is the Year of Pizza, it only made sense to learn more about pizza crusts from the pizza experts. So last night, a friend and I attended a cooking class called "Perfect Pizza". Chef Hugh Carpenter was our instructor and he left us with some great tips on how to make that perfect pizza pie. He was a very knowledgable instructor, and oh so funny!!

One of these tips I will pass on to you right now....The rest I will share with you as I create these beauties during the rest of the year!

Tip #1: Not unlike any great recipe, good ingredients are key. And with pizza dough: The right FLOUR is key.

Apparently, you MUST use a type of flour called "Double 0". So you can guess what my friend and I will be searching for this weekend!

Anyway, here are a few photos for you...
We had two favorites that night....the first was the sausage and asparagus...

There was an interesting "Thai" style pizza which included shrimp and peanuts...

 And our second fave was an absolutely delicious Blue Cheese and Apple! Yummmmmmmy!!

Finally, here's a pic of the Chef himself. Great guy. Thanks Hugh! (We had a little crush on this adorable man before the night was through) ;) 

Until San Miguel? ;)

Check out Hugh's amazing Culinary Camps in Napa Valley and San Miguel de Allende!

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