Monday, April 30, 2012

Marathons and Taxes

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed wonderful weekends. Mine was great but the tail end of it was spent doing taxes. It wouldn't be such a big deal if they were cut and dry but because my husband is technically self-employed, it's quite a process just getting all the bits and pieces of paperwork and hundreds of receipts added up and entered into their proper category (that for the majority of the year lay stashed/crumpled/tossed into the "receipt" pile). Bleh. Anyway, they are completed now and just in time! Pheww!

The highlight of the weekend however was having coffee with my lovely Aunt, my beautiful sister, and a dear "old" friend ;) This dear old friend of mine (who I've been friends with since junior high and really can't call old because we're the same age) is going to be running her first marathon this year. (I know - she's crazy!) BUT I have an even crazier Auntie who ran her first marathon many years ago - when only a small percentage of women were actually running them - and since that first marathon, did 20 MORE!! Can you believe it?! She's amazing.

I was embarrassed to admit that while I knew my Auntie had run a 'marathon or two' in her day, I really never knew much about those races - and never really asked about them! Likely, it was because up until fairly recently I didn't have much interest in running. Anyway, it was so great to see some of her old photos; hear some stories; and listen to some of the hints and tips that she was able to pass along to my friend. I just think it's SUCH an accomplishment and am so proud of both my friend and my Auntie (and my beautiful sister - for different reasons).

Finally, I would like to share with you a photo from my own "long walk" yesterday - and later this week I will talk about my own half marathon training and how that is going. It ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day for our trek around Glenmore Reservoir (and some). 18K to be exact. My longest distance yet.

This photo is of my walking buddy Erin - and behind her is the Res. It felt so good to be out. Thank goodness it's Spring. I am practically giddy because of it.

Have a great Monday~!


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