Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Longest Shortest Distance

In my last post, I had mentioned that during the upcoming weekend ahead (now last weekend), that my dear friend Jenn and I were going to complete a 5K walk with our darling children and that I would report back the success (or lack thereof) of the said adventure. And I am here to tell you tell you that the 2.5K we managed to accomplish (yes, that would indeed be half of the distance -- thank the Lord for loops) was actually one of the longest distances I have completed. Even the 18K yesterday was not nearly as grueling as that distance on Sunday. Okay.....I am almost kidding. Almost.

Let me explain why. The "darling children" decided that they would walk wherever they pleased; wanted to stop and watch ducks; chase eachother near the road; cry to be picked up and carried; call out for snacks, juices, water.....you get the picture. You might think that having the wagon was a smart call...that it would be convenient if the little ones legs got tired from all the walking. Well - I'll tell you what it was good for: holding all of our "stuff". The wind was STRONG as we huffed it up minor inclines which seemed like mountains at the time. Pulling that damn thing with the girls in it more than 2.5K was quite a task!

So here's the "race recap": We finished the distance in 45 minutes. That's right. 2.5K in 45 long minutes. And despite all that I have reported.....we had fun! It was a lot of work, but we laughed a lot and the girls had fun running about! Here are a few shots:

I told you the wind was crazy!!

Ok - I did leave out mentioning that at the end we made the girls haul the wagon on their own ;)

Hav a great day!


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  1. 2.5k in 45 minutes for two little princesses...that ain't so bad ;-)


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