Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

First of all - I hope all you mothers out there (mothers-to-be and mothers-of-pets included!) had a great Mothers Day. Mine was great. It was spent with my own mom and two sisters out in Canmore.

The weekend included a 12K Race (Rocky Mountain Soap Co.) with my cousin's girlfriend and a good friend who completed the half; a few delicious meals; some massages for my sisters and mom; another Pizza - this time - with the Double Zero Flour; and a nice afternoon baking cookies with my little girl; getting special photos of us taken by a great local photographer; and finally a trip to the park with my little girl and our pups.

I'll start with the race...It was challenging for me because I ran most of it but have been mostly walking for my half-marathon training. The main complaint was my knees: They weren't used to pounding the pavement quite like that, and they sure let me know they weren't impressed. Otherwise, the race was great - haven't ever done a 12K before and it was an ALL WOMEN event! Love it! The event was in our backyard: The Rocky Mountains. I LOVE Canmore. It's only about a 45minute drive outside of Calgary and it is a lovely little town. I'm actually going back there in about a month for a hiking trip with my best friend - something we have made into a yearly event around her birthday.

Here's a photo taken just before the start:

A photo "during"

My cousin's beautiful lady (who I luckily found around the 7K mark! We couldn't find eachother at the start!)

A terrible photo of me and a moutain!

My AMAZING friend crossing the finish line after climbing 7K uphill during the last bit of her HALF Marathon - her third!!

Okay - let's talk about the Pizza now. I mentioned that I finally found the Double Zero flour. I took this with me to Canmore to try out - and it worked out OK. Part of the reason for it not working out quite as good as I wanted was that I didn't have good measuring cups and the oven was terrible! Anyway, I would like to try it again here with the flour and see what happens. I made enough for two large pizzas, so I froze one half of it and I think it will turn out even better here because I am familiar with my own oven. It needs to be baked at a really high heat quickly.

My pizza dough! All risen up and ready to be "stretched"!

My sister Kari stretching out the dough and helping me add toppings. For this pizza we used pizza sauce, spinach, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, mozza & parm cheeses and a bit of shredded basil.


And finally, a shot of the "Three Sisters" behind the "The Sisters" (Mountain)

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Thank you for a great day! Congrats on the run Stacy!
    It was so nice to see you and your sisters and mom so relaxed! Happy Mother's Day xoxo


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