Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Year of Renovations and Appy's!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t believe that I actually made it until midnight last night! That’s a real success in my books, as I am usually asleep by 10pm lol. Anyway, I wanted to wish you all an absolutely fabulous 2013. I just know that it’s going to be a great year.
I’ve neglected you all, I know…the end of 2012 was an incredibly busy time for me, and perhaps later on I will write about my recent decision to drastically reduce my time at work; my back-and-forth thoughts about whether to pursue more creative methods to ensure my daughter isn’t an ‘only child’; and about some reflections on what I would really like to create in my life. Perhaps. But regardless of what I end up writing, or how frequent it ends on being, I do intend to write a little more from the heart; not worrying so much about how polished it is, or who is reading it and how they are perceiving or judging my words and thoughts.

Last year as you may know was dubbed the “Year of Pizza”. In very appropriate form, our New Year’s Eve meal (as in last night) was pizza. I took care of the dough, and we all topped our own pizza just how we liked it. I didn’t write as much about pizza throughout the year as I wanted to, but suffice to say that I ate a good amount of it throughout, and enjoyed it all - beginning of the year to the end of it!
Naturally, I have been thinking about what this year should represent. While I enjoyed focusing on a food item, I found it hard to photograph and write about what I made. First of all, it’s not that exciting to be honest (at least in my own kitchen) – and secondly, I find that once I make my food, all I really want to do is eat it! A food blogger I am not. There are so many amazing blogs out there with well created recipes and photos of food – and I am not going to pretend to be one of them. I’ll still probably have posts about food and eating, (since I love it so!) but for great recipes and such, you can expect links to stuff I have tried, rather than anything I have created myself. In fact, that’s one thing I definitely intend to do: Try some of those damn recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest!! (Addicted!)

In the year of 2013, I will be doing some re-shaping: physically, personally; and financially, and so I have called this the “Year of Renovation”.
Renovation is defined as:

1. to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair.

2. to reinvigorate; refresh; revive.

It involves creating new spaces, cleaning up, and organizing. It involves identifying those things that are worth keeping, and those that no longer hold much value. My own renovation will involve "demolishing" or fixing old habits, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It’s going to be an introspective year – as it does take time to “sketch” out before new construction begins. I feel that the structure itself is good, solid, lovely and reliable but the interior needs some work. Some walls need to be taken down; some spaces needs to be custom built; some rooms and furniture need to be rearranged; some items need to be given away; and some appliances need to be made more efficient.
But because I am a food lover (no doubt) and I do love the idea of naming the year after something pertaining to food, I am also going to refer to it as the year of “Appy’s”. I LOVE appetizers…finger food….I love being able to “sample” a bunch of little foods, and I do intend to “try” or “sample” many recipes and foods this year. An appetizer is defined as “any small portion that stimulates a desire for more; that indicates more is to follow”. This year of appetizers fits in with my year of renovation, because in a renovation, you need to sample many things before you make decisions on what you like. I’m going with that logic anyway, because if nothing else it’s a damn fine excuse to eat.

So here it is:  The Year of Renovations and Appy’s…because all that remodeling sure does make one hungry.
Wishing you all much love, peace and prosperity in 2013. Now, I am off to find myself one hell of a fabulous General Contractor – and it’s a bonus if they can cook!

Love Stacy

P.S. Just realized this was my 100th post ;)

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