Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Steps...AKA: "Micro-actions"

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share with you an amazing little “manifesto” from a very cool website that I happened to “stumble” upon (I forget how I got directed there…) But in any case, I read through it in about 20-30 minutes and I am sure you can to.
What I got out of it the most was a reminder about something that I personally know to be effective and something that works to help me out when I get off track. In this manifesto, Dave Navarro refers to it as “micro-action”. Thanks for the reminder Dave…love your explanation.

Here’s what he says:

“For example, let’s say that for years you’ve kept saying you wanted to get in shape, but you just never have because the time / effort commitment was too much. So you take no action, and you get nowhere.

But if you took a microaction –such as doing just 3 pushups a day, that’s a start. It seems so trivial and useless that you wouldn’t want to do it at first –but let’s say that you did it anyway, even if seemed like a total joke.

Once you do this for a week or so, an amazing thing happens. Your brain gets “tricked” into thinking that exercise is a regular thing for you. Those 3 pushups are effortless, but you notice an almost imperceptible feeling of strength in your biceps after you do them. So you start wanting a little bit more, and one day you push yourself to do four or five. It’s a game now, and your brain already feels like pushups are a normal part of your day, so it stops being a big deal to do them.

And you discover that you want to push it up to seven, or ten, or twenty, because you’re proud of what you’re accomplishing. And this feeling begins to infect your other habits as well. Maybe you want to see if you can do the same thing with pushups, or with walking, or with eating just one piece of fresh fruit a week (then two, then three ….)” (Taken directly from
That’s it for today friends! I am off to do 5 minutes on the treadmill ;)


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