Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sassy Water - Pinterest Experiment #1

So the big reveal…the first pinterest-thingy that I am trying! And I’ll bet you’re thinking that it’s something super-duper exciting, no?! Well guess what? It’s “Sassy Water” - That’s right! SASSY water!

I realize that water actually may not sound at all that exciting to some of you, but let me tell you – water CAN be exciting…IF you put yummy stuff INTO it! I pinned this post a while back in my “fitness and running” board, with the intention to start drinking more water than I currently do…a goal I would bet most of us share. So the link to the website that references this post is here: http://www.asweetsimplelife.com/home/2012/1/16/sassy-water.html/

This morning I created my sassy water, and had extra lemon and mint, so I threw it into my water bottle and left for the day. The original blog post mentions that the water is best left overnight or for at least 8 hours, but if you can’t wait that long the minty/lemony water is actually amazing right away. Now it’s no mojito, but the flavours remind you of one! And no added calories or getting drunk in the middle of the day ;) There are as many different flavour combinations as you can think of, and sooooohhh much better than flavoured water with sugar – or even worse, fake sweetener!
So if you are like me and need some H20-spiration, then try it!

P.S. Just tried the water I left all day in the fridge with the cucumber/mint/lemon – and I actually prefer it without the cucumber! The cucumber was surprisingly overpowering. I guess you just have to spend some time experimenting with what you like! Let me know of any good flavour combinations you come across!

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  1. watermelon and mint :-)

    My favorite is lemon and lime or sliced oranges!


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