Friday, February 7, 2014

Full Circle

A few of you already know this, but about three weeks ago my daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. It’s kind of a long story regarding how it all happened and how we came to the diagnosis, but suffice to say that it’s weighed on our minds and hearts quite heavily over this time.

For the most part she is doing well…had some really good days but today another bad flare up in her neck. It’s frustrating to see it and know you can’t really do too much for her, (besides what we are already doing).
The good part is that we seem to be in really good hands. We were seen by a Pediatric Rheumatologist at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and will be seen by the clinic there for care going forward. We will know more when we have our first visit at the clinic at the end of the month, and hopefully get answers to the many questions I have. Before this visit to the hospital, I didn’t even know kids could GET Arthritis. Imagine our surprise leaving that night.

In addition to seeing the Rheumatologist though, I wanted my daughter to be seen by a naturopath. The possibility of years of drugs treatments and reactions is scary. I also want to do as much as possible to lessen the pain and discomfort my daughter is already experiencing in the most natural way possible. So we did a food sensitivity test which will be back in about three weeks, but in the meantime, the naturopath advised us to omit dairy and gluten from her diet. Apparently, dairy is known to cause inflammation. Since then, I have been madly searching for products that are deemed ‘acceptable’ to my daughter’s already “picky palate”. (Arrrg) As such, I’ll be attempting more homemade recipes (hello Pinterest) because well, the packaged stuff scares the shit out of me. (I mean ALL packaged stuff, gluten free or not). But it seems that what you lose in “gluten” you pick up in sugar…at least that’s what I can see. I would like to “sneak” in as much good stuff as possible too without adding much sugar. And she really is the TOUGHEST critic I know! We’ll see – I will share my experiences with various recipes and GF products here. Shut up n’eat kind of comes full circle…

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