Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Simple Green Smoothies - Day 13

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Let's get right into it...today's smoothie is Green Granny. In actuality it was Green Golden Delicious since (when I went for groceries yesterday) they didn't have the Granny Smith apples this recipe called for. I had a craving for a pizza yesterday so I went to The Italian Centre near my house. They have a pretty great selection of produce but perhaps not as much as other larger grocery stores, so it's a green apple none the less!

This smoothie was pretty good! I think perhaps I added more actual fruit than the recipe called for, but some of the flavour also came from the green tea again. If you can find a great green tea, I think it really adds depth to the smoothie. I know I have mentioned the tea before, but the place I buy most of my tea (bags at least) is through a company called Good Earth http://www.goodearth.com. This can be somewhat confusing since here in Calgary we have cafe's here called Good Earth Cafe. But these teas come from a US company and you're better off ordering a bunch at a time to make the shipping costs worth it. My absolute favourite tea from them (and perhaps absolute favourite tea period, since I don't love tea to begin with) is called Sweet and Spicy: http://www.goodearth.com/home/tea-fusions/sweet-spicy-caffeine-free I have also tried the organic version of this tea but the flavours are more muted than the regular one. Also, I just now realized that there is a black/herbal option for sweet and spicy also...but I think I will stick with the herbal. I never thought to try it cold either, but I'll bet that would be yummy on a hot summer day.

So I quite liked the smoothie today - used all swiss chard for my greens.

The last thing I will mention is that the smoothies on the instagram account are different than the ones we were emailed (along with a shopping list). Not really sure why but I'll see if I can find out!

For more information on the challenge, go to: www.simplegreensmoothies.com/30 They will email you the recipes, but you can also find them by following their Instagram account.

Green Granny - **** (4 stars!)

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