Thursday, October 15, 2015

Simple Green Smoothies - Day 15

Boy is it starting to cool off in the mornings here in Calgary. Already I am dreaming of Hawaii and warm weather.....

Today is my first 'repeat' smoothie. I didn't receive a new email with new recipes, so I went back to one of the first smoothies that I really enjoyed -- and then added a few grapes. (It was from Day 2 Cherry on Top). The smoothies still taste really great even when water is the liquid base. My rating for this go-round is 4. First time was 4.5. I don't think it had anything to do with the grapes, just my second time around tasting the smoothie after having tried a bunch more since.

Here are today's ingredients:

It was definitely another no-photo morning...

So, I'm wondering about how you guys go about making big decisions. What process do you go through? I know some people use pro/con lists, talk to their spouse and friends, meditate, whatever. But what is the system that you use and how do you know when you've made the right decision? I'm curious....

For more information on the challenge, go to: They will email you the recipes, but you can also find them by following their Instagram account.

Cherry On Top Repeat - **** (4 stars!)

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  1. Pro / Con list..., have 2 glasses of wine and sleep on it.. usually the answer comes right when you awake the next morning :-)

    or talk to a friend...I'm here if you need an ear :-)


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