Friday, October 2, 2015

Simple Green Smoothies – Day 2

“Cherry on Top” today! I halved the recipe since it was only myself this morning. The smoothie today didn’t have ANY “milk” (almond or otherwise) so I was wondering how it would taste. It was delicious! As per the recipe, I did sub in a blend of raspberries and strawberries in lieu of cherries.

Before, when I would make smoothies I would put everything together in my blender and often times bits of spinach would show up. The first step in these smoothies is to blend the spinach with the liquid (water, almond milk) and THEN to add the other ingredients. I think this makes a huge difference.


For more information on the challenge, go to: They will email you the recipes, but you can also find them by following their Instagram account.

Cherry On Top - **** (4.5 stars!)

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