Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Simple Green Smoothies - Day 28 & November Challenge Details

Chai Like You was today's smoothie! It was really quite good. I would repeat this one again. I wonder what it would taste like if instead of the almond milk base, you were to use brewed and chilled chai tea!? Might have to try that one.

So I figured out what my next few smoothies would be and checked to see if I had all the ingredients. Except I did the nutritional math on the two out of the three I have left. (They call for coconut milk). I love coconut milk but it almost becomes a rich treat....coconut milk is not low calorie or low fat! The almond milk, brewed tea or water that most of these smoothies call for is much different than the rich coconut milk. This is fine, but I will need to adjust when I drink it. Most mornings I am drinking my smoothie around 7:00 and then having some toast with peanut butter around 9:00. If you're starting your day with spinach, water, and some fruit, a little bit of toast is fine to have a couple hours later, but these coconut ones are heavier for sure. Either I skip the toast later on in the morning or I have the smoothie a little later on as more of a small meal.

So I have been giving a LOT of thought to next month's challenge! I am excited to tell you that I have figured it out! It's actually going to be a combination of a few things (which just yesterday I suggested isn't normally a good idea) but I think it will be ok...

1) The first thing is something I am pretty excited about. I have been following Organic Burst on Instagram for a while and been really curious about their products, which are superfood supplements. So earlier this month I ordered "the whole shebang" consisting of the following:
  • Maca powder for energy & endurance (and hormone balance!)
  • Wheatgrass powder for curbing cravings & alkalizing your body
  • Baobab powder for energy & alertness
  • Acai capsules for antioxidants
  • Spirulina powder for nourishment & keeping you full
  • Chlorella granules for detoxing and rejuvenation 
Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? With this progesterone cream I am about to start taking I am going to have more energy than I know what to do with!

2) 30-day Facebook Detox! Last time I signed off of Facebook was during Lent last year. It was great. I am simply on FB too much, and it's really mostly wasted time. I am looking forward to taking another 'break'. 

3) With the saved time from being off of FB, I am going to start reading more - something I have been wanting and meaning to do for a long time now. Minimum 30 minutes a day. I am quite sure that I spend at least that on FB every day, so this should't be a problem! 

There you have it! I have to spend some time figuring out how I will consume these superfood supplements. Some of them can go into my daily green smoothie and some suggest putting them into yogurt or something similar. Organic Burst also has recipes posted frequently on their IG page, so I might try some of those too. But I am pretty sure what I ordered is only a 30-day supply, so I will need to be careful how much I use.

Happy Humpday! 

For more information on the challenge, go to: They will email you the recipes, but you can also find them by following their Instagram account.

Chai Like You - *** (3.5 stars!)

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