Friday, October 9, 2015

Simple Green Smoothies - Day 9

Cream Machine!

And creamy it was! This one was really good - almost like a treat, thanks to the velvety avocado. Even though it called for water as the liquid base, I did use almond milk. I would definitely make this one again.

(excuse the bed head - a lot of these smoothies are made first thing the morning. Today I even drank this before my coffee!)

The next few smoothies are calling for swiss chard for the greens, but I already purchased some kale the other day, so I am going to try using that instead. I am wondering how different the taste will be.

Today is a professional day for my daughter and she really wanted to have her cousin over. In the past when I have watched my niece, my daughter has had school. So she asked for her cousin to come over the next time she didn't have school. Should be busy and fun!

For more information on the challenge, go to: They will email you the recipes, but you can also find them by following their Instagram account.

Cream Machine - **** (4 stars!)

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