Tuesday, November 3, 2015

30-Min Meal Recipe!!! Healthy Hamburger Hash

A LONG time ago, I had posted some 30-minute meal recipes. A girlfriend of mine had the idea and we decided to post some easy weeknight recipes that anyone could do in a time crunch. We all have a few go-to recipes that get repeated and the idea was to share them so that others could try them, and each of our go-to 'library's' could expand.

Well this recipe I am about to share with you was 100% thrown together on the spot yesterday and it turned out fantastic. It's a crockpot meal and I cannot tell you how freaking easy it was. I wish I had taken an "after" photo but we had Brownie's last night and were in a rush to get out the door. Here's what I did: 

-brown a package of lean ground beef; add to the crockpot
-dump in a package of frozen "gourmet grilled vegetables" from Europe's Best. (It contains potatoes, onions, zucchini, red pepper, and eggplant). 
-dump in a can of sliced mushrooms WITH the water
-add a tablespoon and a half of Epicure's "Buffalo Wings" seasoning. (NOTE: you can add other spices such as taco seasoning or something like that - whatever you have at home and adjust accordingly). 
-Put your crockpot on and walk away for the day.
-Take credit for a yummy meal and definitely don't tell your family it was that easy! 

(Stacy L)

The result is kind of like a healthy hamburger hash. I served it over rice for my husband, and I ate it on it's own. It was delicious and SOOOOOOO easy. This one is going to definitely be on a two week rotation in my house. Try it and let me know what you use for your seasoning - and also let me know if you enjoyed it.

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