Sunday, November 1, 2015

November - Day #1

I hope you all had a great time Halloweening last night. I took my daughter over to my sisters house so that she could trick or treat with some of her cousins. Thankfully the weather was great and the kids brought home lots of candy for mom and dad. I consider it a success that I ate only 5 or 6 mini chocolate bars.

So my November challenge has officially begun! As I write this, I am drinking my smoothie (Dan's Famous Apple Pie - made with pear instead of apple) and I have added three of the Organic Burst supplements into it. I don't think I can taste them....

(Here's MY loot)

The other two other supplements to be taken before lunch and dinner (I may have some problems remembering to do this, but we shall see) and the final bottle contains capsules (Acai Berry).

But before I jump into November's Challenge, I wanted to quickly summarize October's Challenge:

1) It was a lot of fun to do. I truly enjoyed this challenge and as I have mentioned, it has now become a part of my morning routine. Starting out the day with a healthy smoothie instead of coffee is a good change (I do have coffee later on in the morning).

2) Honestly you can barely taste the greens. Whether it be spinach, kale, or swiss chard, you really can't taste it much which means this is an absolutely excellent way to get more vitamins and nutrients into your body! I plan to do a bit of a taste-test with different greens using the same smoothie recipe to really see if I can tell the difference. Stay tuned for that.

3) Water is an excellent base for your smoothie. Before doing this challenge, I wouldn't have believed that to be true. But it is! If you'd rather not use any 'milk' base (nut or otherwise), there are plenty of choices for you to make a fabulous smoothie without it - green tea also being a great option.

4) I LOVE my Vitamix. Before this challenge, I didn't use it too often. I was most surprised the day that I made "Shauna's Carrot Cake" and my whole raw carrot was virtually undetectable! However you don't need a fancy blender to make great smoothies!

5) I honestly can't say that I have noticed a tremendous difference in health or energy by drinking these smoothies for a month but it's entirely possible that I haven't noticed, or I need more time doing this to notice a big change. Either way, I know it's great to add more veggies and fruit into my diet, so I consider it a great success.

6) Finally, here are my favourite smoothies from the month; I have listed anything I rated over 4 stars:

This afternoon is our last Wine Basics Class at Willowpark Wines & Spirits. It should be fun as it's focused sparking wines and bubbly! I will let you know what some of the better ones are later this week. 

Hope you all remembered the time change - have a great Sunday! 

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