Friday, November 20, 2015

Small World & Mini Me

My most favourite grade school teacher was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Van De Pol. She was so sweet, kind, caring, and I loved learning with her. There was just something extra special about her. I thought about her often during the rest of my school years. Fast forward twenty-plus years later, I was at my in-law's house (very early in our marriage) when I spotted my grade one teacher's face in a photo collage that my in-law's had in their kitchen. I mentioned to them that this person looked so much like my grade one teacher, Mrs. Van De Pol! Imagine my surprise when I was told not only that WAS her, but she lived NEXT DOOR to them! Talk about small world!!!

Since that day of discovery, I have been able to see her and talk to her more than a few times! She's still the same beautiful person I remembered years ago. When I did see her for the first time as an adult, she had a funny story for me. She said that I was very shy and that one of the clearest memories she had, was of me 'walking around the class' with a notepad in hand, asking questions and writing them down. (I guess I thought I might need the answers later on). So yesterday while my daughter was picking out which timbit's she wanted, she whipped out her little notebook and started writing down the names of some of the donuts. It struck me right away that this must have been what my teacher would have seen. I was able to grab my phone and capture the sweet moment of this adorable mini-me taking her own notes... 

(You never know when you'll need to recall the names of your favourite timbit's)! 

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