Saturday, November 28, 2015

The "No Sugarcoating" Podcast

Ok guys, I wanted to share with you a really exciting new podcast I found. (There are only two episodes so far, so it won’t be difficult for you to catch up). The two hosts are both Calgarian Holistic Nutritionists (yay!). They go over so many different topics and share their own results with being on different “diet” plans.  Just yesterday I wrote about my own“fat day” experiences, and what these two have discussed so far is relevant to that post.

The interesting information I mentioned sharing with you was this: The hosts Leslie (of Healthful Pursuit) and Amber (of Amber Approved) talk about a crazy phenomenon called “cerebral” allergies. This is when you eat food that you are “allergic” to but it makes you feel good and can result in your own food sensitivity becoming your food addiction.  You are basically getting high off the food that you are allergic to. (Listen to the podcast if you want more information – it’s great). But it got me thinking about my own serious ADDICTION to peanut butter. It loves me, and I love it. Those who know me will know that breakfast almost ALWAYS consists of toast and peanut butter – even if it starts with a green smoothie. This has been the case for YEARS. Oddly enough though, peanuts show up as a MAJOR issue for me on my food sensitivity test, along with dairy (big time – especially whey), bananas, pineapple and eggs. In fact, my poor ol’ peanuts are the absolute highest score of all the sensitivities. WTF? And my most favorite smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies? Why that would be the Begginers Luck – which includes banana and pineapple. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

After I did the test though, I basically did what I have always done….just went back to normal eating. (What was the purpose of spending that $300 you may ask? Hmmm....information)? Oh that’s interesting I think. Now where’s my toast and PB and coffee with cream (LOL)? J I could never part with THAT! They basically said that if you cannot envision a period of time without your trigger “food”, then there’s likely a strong emotional component to it, or it’s a cerebral allergy. What the heck is mine then? Maybe a bit of both since I am obviously sensitive to it. Dammit.

Anyway, I wanted to share this podcast with you all since I think most all women can benefit. I think we all share similar stories of trying various diet plans and feeling defeated. The messages I love most though, and the “take-home” for me is this:

-Give yourself permission to enjoy life. Don’t be soooo rigid on a plan that you can’t do this.
-The eating style that serves you now may change as your body or lifestyle changes. Be flexible enough to realize that what serves you now may not serve you forver. Just be committed to your body and you will figure it out.

So go listen to the two episodes. Let me know when you do!

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