Thursday, December 31, 2015

Elimination Experiment Revealed!

What has always made the very most sense to me regarding eating well and living healthy has been this:


This is the reason I love Lisa Leake's approach in her 100 Days of Real Food book. It's excellent.

Also, if you have the time and interest, this video I watched recently was really very interesting. It attempted to find the "Best Diet" in the world. By diet, I don't mean a "plan" like Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers - I mean which country (overall) eats the best based upon variables such as heart disease, longevity, etc. But if you don't watch it, here are some take-away's of how the healthiest rated countries/people eat:

-eat food that is fresh and natural; as close to it's original state as possible; minimally processed
-high veg
-high fiber
-low red meat (yet high in the case of the Inuit which were also considered healthy!)
-low amounts of alcohol
-lots of fish!
-high quality meat and dairy
-no smoking

And you can pretty much guess that the unhealthiest countries had a diet which was high in processed food, high in sugar, and high in alcohol consumption.

Oh, and I love this from France...The interviewer asked a woman working in a fromagerie: "Without cheese, do you think the French would be less healthy"?
She replies: "Yes, less healthy and less happy". She's my kind of girl.

Ok, so what's the verdict? The fact is that I am currently (and likely temporarily) at a place where I have the time to put in the major effort to doing an elimination diet of some sort. Furthermore, a week or a month is not a very long time in the grand scheme of things.

So.....I have actually decided to do my first Whole30! And I am pretty pumped about it. I will begin January 4th. I believe that I am curious enough about how my body will react to the elimination of grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, legumes (including peanuts - yes, my beloved peanut butter) that I will be able to do it. As the plan is already quite restrictive, I don't plan to further eliminate the almonds and eggs which show up as a food sensitivity for me. I may do that later - it depends upon my experience with the Whole30 overall, and what comes up for me when I re-introduce some foods.

As I mentioned before, part of my goal with the experiments is to find out how my body best likes to eat so that when vacations, holidays, and other "stuff" happen, that I will have a tool to get back on track rather quickly. Maybe this would look like eating the Whole30 way for a week or two, and then avoiding some of my major trigger foods. Let's wait and see. 

2016 is a actually a pretty big year for me...I turn 40 and my husband and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We also have a few trips planned throughout the year AND (if my friend gets me drunk enough tonight) I *may* also find myself with another half marathon to complete in May. But maybe if I get HER drunk enough tonight she will just change her mind about doing it altogether!! :)

I have a ton of work to do to prepare though, so I will check back in with you on the 4th if not sooner. Happy New Year everyone! 

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