Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

I know you'll be shocked...this was breakfast. 

 Ok, bad day to start this, right??? LOL! This is a ladies lunch and no ladies lunch is complete without a drink. Today it was a grapefruit mimosa. And the bacon? Well I was just craving it. And even though it was a late lunch, we ate at a breakfast place -- so when in Rome....
(I didn't eat the bread) :)
 A few chips while I make a quick's Brownies tonight..
 For Two: A delicious salad of chicken, apples, greens, pecans, and some delicious dressing I bought from "Sandwiched" at the farmers market (again). They have this absolutely amazing salad and I kept mentioning that they should sell the dressing (it was so good). Well guess what? They did start selling it. I think it's so good because it's quite sweet. Shoot. 

Post-Brownies snack. Nothing more after this. I'm on my way to bed soon. 

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