Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Good Morning my lovely coffee and PB toast...Have I told you lately that I love you????
 Lunch: leftover dinner from two days ago...
 And some rice chips...then off to volunteer for my daughter's school skating lessons. You need energy for that! 
 And afterwards, definitely some wine. Yes, wine is always a good choice. 
 Pizza. Has to be one of my most favourite foods. And tonight we're 'celebrating' by indulging in gluten and dairy (my husband, not me as I will eat it almost anytime) because he passed a huge industry exam today. Months and weeks and hours and hours of studying paid off. 
The best part of pizza besides the crust is the sauce. I like to dip my pizza in a little extra sauce sometimes. I used a crust from Cobb's bread. I think it's an excellent time saving crust. They don't sell it everyday. Each Cobb's is different but you can most often find it on the weekends. 
Nope, not a mistake that this photo is here again because I went back for two slices. Pretty much ate 2/3 of the pizza. It was homemade at least ;) Not a proud moment but on the upside I was too full to eat anything else for the rest of the day. 

Finally, I MUST share a little video clip of part of a tobogganing adventure today. It's not my daughter that is screaming the entire time - it's me. (NOTE: I apologize if it's not showing up for you...I think I got it right but if not please let me know).


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  2. congrats to hubby! Yah! and good to know that you indulged yesterday because I did to..it was unexpected and I just went with the flow, it felt good :-).
    And I can't see the video :-(

  3. LOL!!! Yes, NO cranberries! Who puts that on a pizza??? :) :) :)

    Don't know what happened with the video...I will try again! Thanks for letting me know xoxo


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