Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016

If you can believe PB and toast today. It's because my friend Syl and I went to see a mutual friend's newborn baby! How exciting - and what a little sweetheart. I brought coffee. Pictured below is a latte and a delicious Very Berry Bran muffin.

Oh my lunch was amazing. It was a pretty simple salad with that dressing I mentioned from the farmers market, with 3 strawberries, some artichoke hearts and some pan-roasted almonds for crunch. 
 Mid afternoon snack were a few Triscuit crackers with ALMOND BUTTER people! Not Peanut Butter!!! :) 
 Yes, wine...and a few chips. A few "fell out of the bag" when I gave my daughter some today. 
 Ok...this was a recipe I had wanted to try for a while. It was pretty good, although a few modifications were done. The recipe can be found here:
I bought some pre-cut vegetables for it and added chicken. I also added cilantro and to the sauce I used sesame oil instead of vegetable oil, and some rice vinegar. 

But the MAIN EVENT in the dish was spaghetti squash! Admittedly I have never tried it before and it was delicious! I saved some plain squash so I could try it various ways over the next few days. But honestly, something I will be doing time and time again. It's awesome. How did I not try this sooner??? Let me know if you guys have discovered other great ways to eat it. 
 Sprinkled a bit of some Epicure "Sesame Crunch" on the top...
 Second helping. YUM!

EDIT: Addition of this bad boy for a snack last night after posting....

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