Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 22, 2016

 Yesterday was a professional day for my daughter, so I decided to make homemade pancakes!

This was lunch again...but forgot to take a photo so here's a repeat of the one I had a few days ago. 
 More of these fact, multiply this by about 3. 
 LOVE LOVE LOVE olives. I was so hungry before dinner so had a few of these to fill me up. 
Guys, this wine was given as a gift for Christmas and we have since then bought a few more bottles. It's not expensive but it is delicious. We are always looking for good 'table' wines to drink daily. This is one of them. You should go out and buy a bottle...or two or three. Very approachable - easy to drink. So easy that we easily shared a bottle last night (La Vieille Ferme: Cotes du Rhone Reserve) while watching Sicario. Great movie. 
This bad boy? A pita pizza from Meeze. I didn't feel like cooking so stopped by and got myself a delicious pizza and Scott some gluten free/dairy free soup. Don't feel sorry for him, the soup is amazing :)

Dessert consisted of some Ironman Gummie Omega 3 vitamins. I am not even joking. This is a public service announcement for those of you with kids. Don't buy these vitamins: 

I am not telling you not to buy them because they are bad...I am telling you not to buy them because if an adult were to eat them, they would find them as enticing as that last piece of pizza and glass of wine on a Friday night. Seriously. If you try one, you'll want more. You MAY even try to pop a few in your mouth at the same time, playing around with the various colours and flavours in the bottle. It's basically adult candy cleverly packaged as children's omega 3 vitamins. On the positive side, I do feel like I could be getting smarter every time I eat them, as the Omega 3's are good for my brain. :) 

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