Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016

Tell you what....on the days that I DON'T eat PB & toast for breakfast I will take a photo and log it. Otherwise, assume the obvious ;)

So this then, was lunch. Had to eat 'on the fly' since I didn't have time to go home for lunch after dropping after my niece. This is my favourite meal from Fit Kitchen. They have a selection of prepared meals (for one person) based upon your fitness goals (i.e. performance or lean - they also have kids options also). Their store is in McKenzie Towne - it's a small place but there is an eat-in bar and microwave if you wanted to have your meal there (which I did yesterday). They are all super healthy meals with the nutritional values on them.
That delicious meal didn't keep me full for too long...so I had to raid my in-car-emergency stash. This wasn't that good. The "cafe" taste was not that desirable. But it did help me feel full.
 Red pepper hummus and some corn chips for a snack once back at home...
And since tonight is Brownies, it needed to be an easy meal. I love the soups from The Primal Soup Company. They are sold at the Kingsland Farmers Market. Many of them are gluten free/fairy free options which are great for us.
Oh, and isn't this lovely? It's an afternoon craft that couldn't have been much messier. Except for that time when we did paper mache. That was definitely messier. Also, the reason why we haven't done it again since!!

This was an after-Brownies snack. Triscuit crackers with cream cheese and my sister's delicious red pepper jelly. 

Hope you all have a great day!

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