Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 26, 2016

Hi Everyone! Late post....but here was yesterday!
Breakfast was the usual...

Lunch: Delicious salad with greens, some coleslaw salad mix, artichokes, strawberries, that amazing dressing and pan-roasted sliced almonds. A few pieces of salami on the side. 

Snack: Homemade trail mix - pepita's, sunflower seeds, a few pecans and a few cranberries. I happen to really like cranberries :) 

Dinner: Chimichuri beef over rice and a green salad. Funny story about that dressing in the background (Tessamae's) which I will tell you later. 

Ok I had to buy these and try them. Sweet and salty together. As one. Beautiful. 
I only had three....but they were pretty good. Could have eaten the whole thing. 

Rice chips. Times this by two. This was my evening snack while watching the 3rd season finale of Ray Donovan. I really enjoyed this series!


  1. I happen to like cranberries...I'm pretty sure that was direct towards me bahahahaha :-)
    There is a dry salami and Coop that I just love, if you like salami you should try it!

  2. HAHAHA it was totally meant for you Syl!! ;) Thanks for the salami tip. It's Maya that loves it so I will check it out.


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