Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

 Lunch: salad with the usual suspects as well as some of that roasted sweet potato from last night. 
 Wine and pizza tonight...
 I feel like if there were some way to make love to pizza, I would do it. I just love it. Why does it have to be so good? This was an individual sized  (I say so) pita pizza from Meeze. Great to have in the freezer for busy activity nights. 
Last night's baking. So far I just ate the one....but the evening is young ;) 

I MUST tell you all about this HILARIOUS book am I reading right now. Ok technically I am actually listening to it in my car and not reading it, but in any case I am loving it and laughing all the way to and from all my errands and picking up of the little people. 
It's called "Food: A Love Story" by Jim Gaffigan. Seriously - read it. 

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