Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PB& Toast

So as you could well imagine, I was in bliss yesterday as I had my toast, peanut butter and coffee with cream. I thoroughly enjoyed it.... ;) 

I wanted to share with you an excellent article that I came across called "Weight Loss Secrets from Nutritionists". The link is here but the 8 points are summarized below....

1. Don't focus just on carbs. "If you cut out all carbs but add lots of oil and nuts in their place, you might not lose weight because you aren't reducing overall calories. (Does this sound like someone you all know)?

2. Skip the scale. Use your pants as guide to your weight. 


4. Don't rely on tech trackers. They are helpful tools. Not the bible. 

5. It's as much about what you drink as what you don't. 

6. Look at losing weight like a marriage, not a Tinder hook-up. (LOL)

7. Always travel with a snack. Especially if you're in the car as much as I am these days!

8. Eat fewer, more substantial meals. 

Thought this was interesting and helpful. 

Have a great day! 

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