Sunday, January 3, 2016

Whole30 Breakfast Prep

Breakfast for me will be the most difficult of meals on the Whole30 plan, so today I decided to make a large frittata. I also made myself a black coffee (!!!) this weekend to "try" and it was still pretty good. I used to drink black coffee so I know I can do it again. The trick is to make sure you use good coffee. Of COURSE Phil & Sebastian is my absolute favourite.

I am terrible for measuring out amounts when I put together a meal, so instead of writing down amounts and ingredients, I just took a bunch of photos. It's not something that you need exact measurements of anyway. I haven't tried it yet but my husband had a bit for lunch and said it was delicious!
 Start by roasting a bunch of veggies: an onion, some mushrooms, yellow pepper, zucchini and tomatoes. But you could use whatever you wanted. Perfect for a 'fridge clean out'.
 Roasted @ 400 degrees for about 20 minutes
 Add in a bunch of chopped spinach
 Add in some compliant sausage already cooked up. I used Spolumbo's chicken apple sausage (to be fair, I am not 100% sure it's compliant as I couldn't find an ingredient list anywhere. I do know that it's gluten free and from their website, I also know that it's "all natural, containing no fillers, binders or preservatives")

 Of course the eggs! 8 of 'em! Along with some Epicure seasonings, S&P
 Just use the same pan - add the eggs. Little to clean up! 
 Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes? I'm not good at paying attention to time either! 
 All portioned out and ready to go for breakfasts!

I also created a meal plan for the week, along with some ideas for snacks which I will share tomorrow. I will post Day 1 meals likely at the end of the day tomorrow. Here we go!

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