Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Whole30 - Day 2

Crap-ton of planning and prep. That explains this Whole30 in a nutshell. :)

Another successful day and a seriously awesome method of cooking fish that I MUST share with you guys. I love fish but I have never been that great at cooking fish. I always seemed to overcook it. UNTIL TODAY! I found this amazing method that was super easy and truly cooked my fish perfectly. It probably helped that I had amazing pieces of fish from the North Sea Fish Market at Willowpark AND helped that I used my 'meat' thermometer to monitor the cooking process and ensuring that I didn't overcook. The link calls for an internal temp of 120 degrees, but I cooked mine to 140.

Ok, quick recap...

 Yep, you guessed it. With black coffee.
 Look familiar? It should because it was basically yesterday's lunch. Except I used some leftover chicken from last night instead of tuna.
 Oh and this? This is my very exciting attempt at "Cauliflower Rice". I think all the Paleo people are driving up the price of cauliflower because this thing cost me $6. 
 Food process it using your "grater" domahickey
 Pan fry with some oil, garlic S&P

 Yep. Upside down. I know. Baked the salmon with oil, S&P and some of my Epicure Lemon Dilly spice. 
Finally, here's the promised link. I wanted you to see how moist and amazing it is, so I did a fancy 'close up': http://food52.com/recipes/37487-sally-schneider-s-slow-roasted-salmon-or-other-fish

Not shown: some nuts, seeds and a few olives.


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