Saturday, January 9, 2016

Whole30 - Day 6

Nuts....I think I am eating too many of them as something is causing major stomach issues for me. Today I began to read about what may be causing it and I personally think it's a combination of a too spicy meal last night, along with either consuming too many nuts and/or fats.

Given that yesterday I had a fair amount of nuts, I think that's more the issue. As you will see I did have nuts in my breakfast today, but after that I am taking a couple days break from them. Too bad, because they are really helpful in the Whole30 for keeping satiated and especially at breakfasts if you're not eating eggs!

Today I had "Monkey Salad": for breakfast but forgot to take a photo of lunch!

Today I'm struggling a bit with the whole program in general. Most likely because I wasn't feeling well. So far I am not feeling any "better" after having cut out a whole bunch of foods, so that's disappointing. I know that these things take time but I am not a very patient person! I also got the results back from my celiac test and it's (very) negative. Apparently my body has no issues at all with gluten. Yay! This is good to know.

 Dinner was soooooo simple thanks to a bottle of tomatillo salsa from Superstore and my slow cooker. 

  I threw the chicken and the bottle of salsa in there for 6 hours, then shredded the chicken afterwards. Then, we made 'wraps' with the chicken, and some guacamole. I did roast some sweet potatoes on the side in case my husband wasn't full enough on the wraps. 

That's all for now. I will be honest in saying that I don't know I will go the entire 30 days...It's been a rough day "mentally". We shall see. Tomorrow is a new day.

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