Monday, February 15, 2016

Disturbing TV

Ok, so has anyone else been watching "Making of a Murderer"!?!?! I have only seen the first two episodes but it's a bit disturbing. Honestly, I cannot watch shows like this anymore since having a child. You can't help but become more anxious and hyper aware of the bad things that happen in our world. It's like I don't need any extra reminders of the bad stuff - it's basically why I can't watch the news anymore...but here I am watching this?! And at least at the point that I'm currently at in the series, it seems like there are some real unconscionable people in positions of authority. I am sure there is much still to unfold still, but OMG - give the poor guy a break! See, this is another reason that the Food Network is one of my favourite channels.

Before kids, I would have loved a show like this. In fact, I was all over crime shows and detective mysteries. As a child, I even used to love watching "Murder She Wrote". (I was always in disbelief at how my grandma would know who was responsible about 5 minutes into the show lol)!  Anyway, I think I am still going to continue watching as it's very interesting, but it's also kind of hard to watch! Do you guys feel the same way?? 

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