Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 3, 2016

Hi everyone! Been taking a bit of a break I guess...? Trying to get back at was yesterday: 
 Lunch was an old friend: salad (w/leftover chicken breast)
 I had been craving a burger for days, so made my own last night. Pretty simple: some beef, one egg, some garlic and a few tablespoons of the Epicure "burger" seasoning. 
 After lunch fruit
 mid-day snack - have you tried these? they are pretty good. A nice alternative to a protein bar...great for those of you who (like me) like CRUNCH burger with some provolone cheese melted on top, salad and some roasted squash/zucchini. Also a side of some salt and vinegar chips and a cooler! WTF? It seems I ate a lot yesterday. Judging from my dinner ensemble, it also appears that I think it's summer???


  1. yah you are back :-)...and I spy a coconut cooler?
    I've been craving burgers lately too... so I made turkey meatballs lol...

  2. Hahaha! Yep, our favourite drink (besides wine, that is)! I should have made turkey meatballs myself...I actually don't love ground beef, so not sure why I bought it. I'll bet your turkey meatballs were delicious! xo


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