Saturday, April 30, 2016


A lot of us have lost or surrendered our own ability (or the TRUST in our ability) to know what is right for ourselves. Instead, we are so quick to focus on what the ‘experts’ have to say.  We assume that their general advice is correct for us too, without giving much or any thought as to whether it actually is appropriate. How do THEY know what’s best for US? And what makes them experts (about us) anyway?

I believe that we don’t spend enough quiet time with ourselves to even hear answers to questions we have circulating around in our heads. I know this is absolutely an issue for myself. I don’t listen to my own intuition, or the Universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it. Instead I look to books, other people, popular culture (hello, Google!) and even psychics(!!) to tell me what to do, believing that surely I couldn’t come up with these answers! What is that saying about myself??? (I don't trust you; you're not smart enough; you can't figure this out....)

I have recognized the need to make time to meditate, clear my head, and allow and trust for the right answers to flow to me. I also recognize that I need to slow my thoughts down and live more in the moment. I’ve known this for a really long time actually but I haven’t done it on a consistent basis. It's just so hard for me stop my brain from running at a million miles a minute so I have always found it incredibly hard and frustrating. But they say that when you find it the hardest to do, that that's when you need it the most. 

Perhaps my inability to "tune-in" is part of the reason I am always over-thinking: What should I be doing with my life and my career? What would be the most fulfilling purpose for me? And maybe it also explains some of my anxiety...

So about a week ago, I downloaded an app called “Stop, Breathe and Think”. They have short meditations that I have been doing first thing in the morning. A family member of mine also highly recommended “Headspace”. I’m going to give that one a try too. Do you guys mediate? If so, do you use any tools (apps, CD’s, music, etc) when you do? 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Incredible Maria López Gonzáles

I have an absolutely incredible story to share with you all today. I learned about Maria López Gonzáles (link to English content) one of the podcasts I listen to called “The Lively Show”. This incredible woman underwent surgery at the age of 19 to remove a brain tumor. As a result of the operation, she lost her ability to swallow; and thus to eat or drink. She essentially had her ‘last meal’ at the age of 19, not at all thinking that she would never be able to eat again.

Her story really is incredible and I would encourage you all to listen to it here: (scroll down until you get to the orange rectangle, or listen to it through itunes). Anyway, it really made me sad to think that so many of us obsess over what we have eaten; shove food into our mouths without much thought at all; deprive ourselves of food because we have been ‘bad’; and all the rest of that junky thinking that comes along with our crazy relationships with food. 

And here is this amazing woman who really hasn’t enjoyed food for at least 6 years…what she wouldn’t give to be able to eat food like we do – everyday, without even thinking about it. Perhaps that’s where the problem lies…we don’t think about it too much. It’s another chore almost – unless it’s the ‘entertainment’. Wow. I just came across her story this morning and I just can’t stop thinking about it. How many other things like this (eating) do I take for granted on a daily basis? It’s shameful really.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On Quitting Extremes: Re-post from Real Food Whole Life

Hi guys! It's been awhile, I know. Just haven't been feeling "it" lately.

But I wanted to share with you this excellent post written by Robyn Downs of Real Food Whole Life. It's about finding that tricky balance of living within the extremes of all or nothing; good or bad; on the wagon or off the wagon.

I think so many of us have troubles with this know the're following a meal plan religiously. You're doing great, feeling virtuous. Then, something comes up to derail you - like an event with friends, a birthday, whatever. The derailing isn't just that one event decide to eat-whatever-you-want-since-you-already-fucked-it-up-anyway. You know darn well what I am talking about. Why do we think it has to be all or nothing? Why do we feel we have to live in these extremes? What has happened to moderation?

Anyway, please read this excellent post if this too is something you currently struggle with:

Tips for Managing Stress & Anxiety (plus a smoothie recipe!)

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