Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Incredible Maria López Gonzáles

I have an absolutely incredible story to share with you all today. I learned about Maria López Gonzáles (link to English content) one of the podcasts I listen to called “The Lively Show”. This incredible woman underwent surgery at the age of 19 to remove a brain tumor. As a result of the operation, she lost her ability to swallow; and thus to eat or drink. She essentially had her ‘last meal’ at the age of 19, not at all thinking that she would never be able to eat again.

Her story really is incredible and I would encourage you all to listen to it here: (scroll down until you get to the orange rectangle, or listen to it through itunes). Anyway, it really made me sad to think that so many of us obsess over what we have eaten; shove food into our mouths without much thought at all; deprive ourselves of food because we have been ‘bad’; and all the rest of that junky thinking that comes along with our crazy relationships with food. 

And here is this amazing woman who really hasn’t enjoyed food for at least 6 years…what she wouldn’t give to be able to eat food like we do – everyday, without even thinking about it. Perhaps that’s where the problem lies…we don’t think about it too much. It’s another chore almost – unless it’s the ‘entertainment’. Wow. I just came across her story this morning and I just can’t stop thinking about it. How many other things like this (eating) do I take for granted on a daily basis? It’s shameful really.

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