Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Day Back to School

We're here once again -- at the most wonderful time of the year -- except it's actually not for my daughter, but for me! A lot of thought has been put into what exactly the 'next step' was going to be for me. With a pretty open schedule this coming September (my daughter in school all day and no other major commitments), I knew it was my time to do something.

Two years ago, I applied to go back to school in an after-degree program to become a teacher, but ended up deciding that full-time studies were going to be too much of an adjustment for our busy little family. In full disclosure though, I actually don't know if that would have been a good path for me anyway. After being able to volunteer quite a bit at my daughters school over the past few years, I don't believe I have enough patience to teach kids, and quite honestly would have had a tough time dealing with some of the asshole parents out there.

Anyway, full-time anything really still wasn't an option, so my requirements for work, volunteering or school, were twofold: It had to be something I was very interested/passionate about, and it had to be something that I could do in/around my daughter's school schedule. Food, health and nutrition have always been an area of interest for me, and because this one particular idea kept coming up, I decided to jump in and enrol in the Natural Nutrition program offered through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition! So here we are...

(Can I just tell you that this first text of ours is over 1,000 pages)? This is me on my first day of class. 

I am definitely excited but also nervous. It's been a while since I have been in school and it's going to definitely be a major change. I think my greatest fear is that with all the knowledge that I will gain over the year, I will begin to lose the healthy relationship that I currently have (and have worked soooo hard to get) with food. I'm not going to become vegan, and I am going to continue to drink coffee, and eat good quality dairy and gluten. I just hope that when doing so, that I can continue to do it without guilt. It's my hope that because my diet is already pretty balanced (healthy, varied and containing high quality nutrients) and that I eat less nutritious foods in moderation anyway, that I will be ok. (Let's face it - sometimes ignorance can be bliss)!

Assuming the successful completion of the program, I would then hold the C.H.N. (Holistic Nutritionist™) designation. Right now, I'm not sure what my plans will be after completing the diploma - whether I will actually use it professionally, or just use the knowledge personally, at home with and for my own family and friends. Regardless, it's something that I am very interested to learn more about, and I think that this additional nutrition education will be most helpful for my daughter in dealing with her Juvenile Arthritis.

Let the studying begin!

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