Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tomato Soup

When your friend gives you two ginormous tomatoes from her garden and you have a bunch of other tomatoes - you can whip up a delicious and nutritious soup with few ingredients for a quick dinner.

Start by roasting tomatoes covered in avocado oil (or a high heat cooking oil) in your oven @400 degrees until they are slightly charred. While they are roasting, pan fry an onion and some garlic together until nicely browned. Once tomatoes are done roasting, throw them into a vitamix or food processor (or use an immersion blender) with the onion and garlic, along with some chicken stock, salt and pepper. Blend away adding in as much stock as you like to reach the desired consistency.

Easy peasy!

For dinner tonight, I also added some quality canned tuna together with some delicious farmers market guacamole for an easy protein addition. With the exception of the time to roast, this dinner was thrown together in about 10 minutes!

You can use whatever tomatoes you have on hand


I mentioned above that you should use a high heat cooking oil (for higher heat cooking). If you're not familiar with the differences and reasoning behind why you may want to use a different oil for a salad dressing vs. frying (for example), then take a few moments to check out this link which explains this in greater detail:

The message is that some oils with lower smoking points don't do well being heated at higher temperatures (or at all for that matter -- in the case of flaxseed oil for example). When oils are heated beyond their smoke point, not only do they lose any beneficial nutrients, they can also generate free radicals in your body. You don't want that.

My favourite oil to cook with is avocado oil, simply because of it's adaptability. I can use it for high heat cooking, but I could also use it just as easily in a dressing. And, as it turns out, the French think its so healthy that it apparently received Rx status:

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