Sunday, November 5, 2017

What is a C.H.N.™ anyway???

You might well wonder what the benefits are of working with someone Certified in Holistic Nutrition™. You may also wonder what the benefits are of working with ME specifically. Well, I won’t keep you guessing… ;)

First of all, I think it would help by explaining what someone Certified in Holistic Nutrition™ actually does. In a nutshell, we work with people who are struggling with health symptoms they want changed. We identify areas in the body that indicate health imbalances as well as make connections between the body, mind and spirit – all with the goal of promoting vitality and wellness. We then provide individualized health plans after conducting a thorough evaluation of nutritional needs. Food is our main “tool” but we may also recommend natural source supplements, healthy lifestyle practices, and more. The benefits:
  • You are going to feel better!
  • You are going to receive an individualized plan created JUST FOR YOU, based upon your answers to questions relating to YOUR BODY. This will not be a one size fits all book/plan that’s marketed for millions of people. You are you, and your plan will only be FOR YOU!
  • You’re not going to have to do this alone. I will be your accountability partner, providing you support. This will help keep you motivated to achieve your health goals and moving along at a speed that works for you – especially if other family members aren’t necessarily ‘on board’.
  • We’re going to get you results! It’s no secret that you’re going to have to do the hard work but together you are going to get the health results you are seeking.
  • I am passionate about food and nutrition and I can help you decode the plethora of information that’s available. There’s a lot of misinformation and twisted facts out there and I can help you sort through it all.
  • Bonus benefit: Your group insurance plan may cover my services! 
Despite the fact that a lot of what we talk about during our sessions may be serious, personal or “deep”, we’re also going to laugh and have fun. I truly enjoy helping people and I really look forward to helping you too!

CSNN graduates are held to a strict Code of Ethics, which includes fundamentals such as non-judgment, confidentiality and respect, which I personally take very seriously. I invite you to read more about our Code of Ethics ( as well as our Scope of Practice (

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