Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Try This Tuesday: Taco Bowls!

Now that Food Fact Friday is well underway – I’d like to introduce a new rotation I am adding to the mix, called “Try This Tuesday”.

Try this Tuesday segments will include things like recipes I think you might like to try, habits you may want to introduce to make your life healthier and happier, restaurants that are worth trying out, or maybe even a new product or supplement that I have found to be helpful.

Today we begin with our first Try This Tuesday: Taco Bowls!

I have so many under-utilized cookbooks at home, and I realized that last Christmas I was given a cookbook I really wanted – but yet I haven’t made ONE thing out of it! This inspired my first TTT post. Of course, I also love “bowls” – so I thought Taco Bowls was a fun place to start.

This is a recipe from Yum & Yummer, called "Beef Bowlrito". Link to a video here: http://yumyummer.com/beef-bowlrito/

I didn't follow it 100% but you get the idea! "Bowls" are pretty forgiving, as long as you've got a great sauce. (I also love supporting farmers who have animal welfare at the top of their priority list. Check out TK Ranch)

What are YOUR favorite bowl ideas?

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