Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Survive the Indulgent Holiday Season

Let me save you some time, as I know you don’t have a lot of it right now.

Do you want to know how to survive the indulgent holiday season? 

Here’s your answer: Be Intentional

Being intentional means that you have given thought…thought about what you really want (and equally as important; what you don’t want).

The holiday season is overwhelming: Overwhelming varieties of baking in the office kitchen; an overwhelming number of social gatherings; overwhelming amounts of food and drink; and overwhelming lists of obligations.

When we can be intentional, we can make better choices.

Don’t really give a crap about the sub-par baking "Susan" brings in to the office every year? Don’t eat it. Bring in a couple of those amazing whipped shortbread cookies your neighbour makes for you (with real butter)! Eat those instead and really enjoy them!

Feeling like you must attend every event you’re invited to? Forget that. Choose events that are either hosted by the people who are most important to you, and/or the events that you know you will enjoy the most.

Don’t love mashed potatoes? Don’t take any at dinner. Take more of what you really get excited about – stuff like your mom’s special stuffing or a big slice of homemade pie at dessert.

Want absolutely everything that is being served because it all looks so great? Absolutely! Just don’t take heaps of each and keep it to one plate. (After all, you need to save room for dessert!)

Eggnog make your stomach hurt? Don’t drink it! Bring your own almond milk “eggnog”…I’ll bet you $$ that other people would enjoy some with you!

Not a big drinker? Bring a couple cans of LaCroix or Bubly with you. Pour it into a glass with ice and drink up with everyone else. Enjoy the free show as you remain sober and they become drunk J

Tired of hearing the political arguing that ensues after dinner? Choose not to partake or be drawn into the drama. Instead, take your nieces or your sister with you for a walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air.

By now, you should get the point. You are in control. Make Intentional Choices.

Need extra help? Reach out and ask! I'd love to hear from you, or help you figure out some better options for your unique holiday triggers and challenges. 

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