Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Try This Tuesday: Be Aware of Food Marketing

Last Try This Tuesday we talked about the new Canada Food Guide, and how a lot of the changes were really positive. I noted that I really liked the inclusion of holistic nutrition principals such as being mindful of your eating habits – but I also like the focus on the behavioral changes such as being aware that food marketing can influence your food choices.

Let’s look deeper at food marketing. The new food guide talks about the different forms that food marketing can take on, such as: celebrity endorsements; social media posts; commercials; and product placement in movies, magazines, TV shows, and even music videos – it’s everywhere! But we’re not talking about promoting apples and spinach here, hehe…we’re talking packaged food.

Clever people work tirelessly to create hyper palatable foods and then encourage you to consume them with more clever creative marketing schemes. They also attempt to create links between certain foods and a particular lifestyle. It’s becoming ESSENTIAL to have the SKILL to sort through bullshit and to be able to know if a food IS actually a good choice for you or your family.

The food guide advises using some of these tips to help you make a more informed choice:

*use food labels (remember that REAL FOOD often doesn’t need a label. However, this IS a good tip overall – and keep in mind that the more “ingredients” – the less healthy its likely to actually be)

*question why you want to purchase an item and what form of marketing you got these ideas from (i.e. a sponsored blog post from a gorgeous skinny woman with flawless skin?)

*lessen your exposure to ads in the first place!

I’d like to add my own final tip here – Support (Local) Farmers. At the end of the day, your food should come from farmers and NOT from a factory. A good rule of thumb is to buy things that don’t even have labels. Real food doesn’t need a label to explain what it is and why it’s healthy because it’s just real food. The minute something goes into packaging and has a label on it – means it’s been through some type of processing.

The ONE THING we could all start doing in order to make dramatic and healthier choices is to simply stop eating or significantly reduce consumption of processed foods.

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